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Sanctuaries are reverential in nature, and often comprise both art and object. I construct these experiences referencing the visual language of my former Anglican faith, as well as my burgeoning understanding of the spiritual practices of my ancestral heritage from West Africa, and philosophies from around the world. Lately, this has included the journey of reclamation of lost ancestry due to colonialism and slavery. My art practice is interdisciplinary, involving painting, sculpture, assemblage, installation, digital art and video, with creative reuse being a major part of my practice.  This goes for both objects, and previously completed work, resulting in a constant evolution of my materials. Using this visual language, I often create large scale installations that the public are invited to touch, sit, and occasionally languish within, to really engage with and embrace the varied themes presented in the sacred spaces I create.


Dario Mohr is a first generation Grenadian, U.S. Citizen with West African and Italian heritage, born in 1988. Based in New York City, Mohr is an interdisciplinary artist, educator and non profit leader. He received a BFA in Painting from Buffalo State College, an MFA in Studio Art from The City College of New York and an Advanced Certificate in At Education from Queens College. His work involves the creation of  “sacred spaces” referencing his heritage, and expressing commentary on the cultural zeitgeist through immersive sanctuary experiences.  His practice is interdisciplinary, converging painting, sculpture, installation, digital art and film. In addition to his individual art practice, he is also the Founder and Director of AnkhLave Arts Alliance, Inc. which is a non-profit arts organization for the recognition and representation of BIPOC artists in contemporary art. 


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